Learning to handstand!

Holding a decent handstand has always been on my skill wishlist, but I've never really put enough time or consistent effort in to make any headway with them. I've maybe got really psyched for a few weeks, practicing every other day but then getting frustrated that nothing changes and I don't resemble an elegant Cirque Du Soleil performer. So I give up and put it back into my box of 'amazing things I'd love to do but will start another time'.

Last month I booked onto a 4 week handstand course here in Leeds, just one class a week for an hour and a half solely focused on handstands and flexibility. I wanted to re gain my enthusiasm for handstands and learn some tips and tricks that might help me improve.

So one month later can I hold a freestanding handstand?


But I am more aware of what I need to do in order to get there. So i guess that's a start.

I'm super fortunate to be blessed with tight shoulders and a very mobile lower back which make me the perfect candidate for holding that illusive handstand......

As you can tell from this picture I'm practically in a perfect straight line, just a few minor adjustments to make....

The issue I have is when I'm upside down I really cant tell what my body is doing, so I feel like I'm stacked over my hands but in reality I am sticking my rib cage out and compensating by sending my pelvis past my hands to find the balance.

Thanks to having tight shoulders I find it super painful to have them right by my ears so at the moment I am really working on my mobility and flexibility within the shoulder joint and chest. Hopefully when my upper body is more mobile I will be able to control the shape of my handstand more and I won't look like a slinky. Fingers crossed.

Pushing the shoulders up towards the ears has been a revelation for me as I'm pretty sure I wasn't doing that before. It definitely helps with the stability of the pose and I do feel that I can get more range of motion in this position.

I have this book...

So the plan is to read it front to back and practice practice practice. Consistency is key so I will be updating my journey on here with pictures and sharing tips and exercises I've found useful.

Goals I've found can be pretty useful so this time next year I would like to have a straight line in my handstand and I'm not to fussed about it being freestanding as of yet so I will probably still have my trusty spotter on hand.

So that's it for now :)



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